KEYS for Graduates studying at St Peters College Oxford
College KeysSt Peters College Oxford Crest
On your arrival, the Porters will give you your accommodation keys (if you are being housed in College accommodation) and an access card. The access card is a blank white swipe card (convenient for keeping in your wallet) or a blue key fob that you can keep on your keyring. The access card is used for:
• access into the College
after hours
• access to areas restricted to College members only including the College library and the college annexes.

MCR Keys

You are also entitled (on payment of a £5 deposit per key) to two MCR keys. The first is vital: it allows you into the MCR and the MCR Computer Room. The second allows you to access the MCR ‘Inner Sanctum’ of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. These keys are available from the Head Porter Paul Irons. Please stop by the Porters Lodge during the working week to pick up a set!

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