My favourite pubs are:
Name  Location
 The Turf Behind New College
 Royal Oak Woodstock Road
 The Lamb and Flag Next to St. John's
 The King's Arms Corner of Broad street and Holywell Street

How expensive?

King's Arms is pretty expensive but close to the science area
Lamb and Flag is ok, but full of St John's
Turf is average and awesome
Royal Oak is cheap and very pleasant

The ones to take your parents to:

The Trout This wine bar/pub is in North Oxford near Godstow, just inside the ring road to the west of the Woodstock Road. It's about a 15 minute cycle ride or you can walk along the towpath. There's a big car park there.
This pub is right on the river with benches outside so that you can enjoy the sounds of nature. Several colleges keep boats in Godstow so you may also see a few rowers out on the water. It's a very smart restaurant and lovely place to have lunch/dinner. You should definitely try to visit before leaving Oxford.
The Fishes
This pub is in West Oxford, just inside the ring road by Westminster College and Oxford Rugby Club. It's about a ten minute cycle or you can walk along the Botley Road and follow the footpath south, just before you reach the ring road. There is a small car park too.
This pub is very smart inside with a large terrace and garden to enjoy the leafy surroundings. During the summer you can enjoy the Pic Nic Hamper, where they will provide you with a hamper and rug to sit out in the gardens and enjoy your meal. This is a very family friendly pub.
The Pirch
This pub is in North Oxford, but to the west of the river on the edges of Port Meadow. You'll come across it as you walk north along the towpath and are lead along to the pub through a fairytale garden path. There's a small car park, accessed from the Botley Road.
Very traditional on the inside, open fires and lots of fishing memorabilia. In summer they have a large canopy outside with al-fresco dining and a well kept garden to enjoy. There is also a playground for the (little) children.
The Turf
Right in the heart of town, accessed from a small alleyway beneath the Hertford Bridge or from Hollywell Street opposite the music rooms. Parking is on Broad Street (but you'll have to pay).
This is a traditional pub in all the meanings fo the word. It's almost a right of passage to have had a drink there while studying at Oxford. The ceilings are low, the rooms small and cosy, and the beers on offer are specially selected for those who really appreciate a special flavour. There's a lot of space outside, with heated lamps to keep you warm at night.
The Turf holds an annual Beer Festival and in the summer months you can get food fresh off the BBQ.
The Head of the River
Just on the entrance to central Oxford, approaching from the Abingdon Road in the south, this pub on the boundary of the river and Christ Church meadows. You'll be sure to see boats on the river, swans making a menace of themselves and students passing by from the terrace.
Rowing memorabilia surrounds you and there's a large bar inside.

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