MCR Committee 2009/2010
Linda Laatinkainen.jpgPresident: Linda Laatikainen
Her job: overseeing MCR affairs, liaising with College, chairing meetings of the Committee and General Meetings of MCR Members. You may not see much of the work that Linda does on behalf of the MCR but she'll be meeting with College every week and holds our key relationship to a greater good. If you have any questions about the MCR, college, or Oxford in general, feel free to ask Linda and she’ll do her best to help.
Andreas Kranke.jpgVice President: Andreas Kranke
His job: ensuring the welfare of MCR members, organising MCR lectures, distributing MCR and Inner Sanctum keys, and allocating MCR lockers. Andreas is one of our most devoted rowers and has had many recent successes with the St Peter's Boat Club. If you’re having problems of any sort, feel free to stop by the MCR or take a wander down the towpath and look out for the green & gold!
Helene Caldemann.jpgSocial Secretary: Helene Caldeman
Her job: drawing up an exciting social schedule for each term, running all social events, making sure sherry is available before formal hall, coming up with crazy themes for bops, having a good time – all the time, and making sure all MCR members have fun, and get to know the best Oxford life has to offer!!
Planning the MCR social life can be both fun and challenging, so, if you would like to take an active role, just let her know! We are always open to
suggestions for new social events, so please feel free to contact her!
Nisha Singh.jpgTreasurer: Nisha Singh
Her job: I am amazed at how much I have to do despite the fact that I chose to be incredibly lazy. I am responsible for managing the books and making sure that we are only as extravagant as we can afford to be! I grew up in India and am a trained pharmacist. I am now doing a D.Phil in Pharmacology, and no, I have no access to any drugs that may help you get through your year/s here. But I do have a shoulder if you need to cry on one.

Secretary: by election
The job: Most obviously, taking notes in Committee meetings, but also helping to deal with any miscellaneous problems faced by members on a day-to-day basis and bring up MCR concerns with the relevant people. The secretary also helps out with social events and vainly tries to cheerlead for this website!
Rok Sekirnik.jpgVasileia Filidou.jpg

College Wardens
The warden is responsible for looking after the college annexes where many graduates and undergraduates live. The position comes with the benefit of subsidised accomodation and preferential room allocation. Each warden is responsible for reporting any problems with the accomodation to the College porters, dealing with antisocial behaviour and maintaining a civilised level of cleanliness in the building.
St. Thomas Street Rok Sekirnik
St. George's Gate Nisha Singh
Cambridge Terrace Vasileia Filidou

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