College food is of fairly high quality (as canteen food goes) and is quite varied. It caters for most dietary requirements including vegetarian and vegan. You’ll also meet most of your fellow MCR members in Hall, it's a great socialising time. Breakfast runs from 8 to 8.45am, lunch from noon to 1.45pm, and dinner (‘Informal Hall’) starts at 5.30pm, and runs until 7.30pm except on Thursdays and Sundays, when doors close at 6.30pm to allow for formal hall.

Hall 01.jpgOn Sundays and Thursdays you may attend ‘Formal Hall’. This is a sit-down
dinner served at table, for which you have to sign up in advance online and wear your academic gown. Graduates generally congregate in the MCR before going to Formal Hall just before 7.30. As grace is said at 7.30, if you’re not there by then, you’re too late. Before Formal Hall on Thursdays, sherry is served in the MCR as people gather. Thursday’s Formal Hall is the best in terms of food, as we can gorge ourselves on a sumptuous with wine provided by college, which is a rather attractive feature, I’m sure you’ll agree.

Formal_Hall.jpgAside from events
organized as part of the MCR’s social calendar, Thursday’s Formal Hall is a social highlight of the week, with MCR members often heading to the college bar or to a pub or club afterwards. Sunday’s Formal Hall is less exotic. Wine is not provided (though everybody is welcome to bring your own or sign some out from the MCR), but the food is nice, and it’s conveniently timed to coincide with the end of the Chapel service, for those of you who will be attending Chapel. You may invite up to two guests (at a charge of £10 each) to Thursday and Sunday Formal Hall.

Formal_Hall1.jpgOn Tuesdays, graduates may attend Graduate High Table dinner. This means you may attend pre-dinner drinks at around 7 in the Senior Common Room (where fellows and tutors are found) and then dine with the SCR members at their table. Dinner may be served in Hall or in the SCR dining room. You may bring up to two guests to Formal Hall (but not to High Table), and you will be charged for that on your battels (details of charges and battels are in the undergraduate Freshers’

People are expected to dress smartly
for formal hall – a shirt and tie or even a suit for the guys. You must wear your gown and it will be frowned upon if you show up in trainers and jeans. Standards must be maintained, of course. Once a term, the MCR has what is known as a ‘Guest Night’ – even better than a formal hall, these showcase the best the college has to offer, with a champagne reception, a superior 4 course meal, black-tie for the gents, fancy dresses for the ladies, and a marvelous after-dinner speech from your President (groan), followed by a party in the MCR, all for less than the cost of an average meal out in Oxford.

Guest Night is the main social event of the term, with a commemorative photo taken at each Michaelmas Guest Night. As the name suggests, you can invite two guests, and show them the highlife, MCR-style.

Home Cooking

Outside term time (or when you
feel you need a break from Hall food) you might consider cooking for yourself. All College house accommodation has access to a kitchen. Food shopping is convenient wherever you are. The two largest supermarkets are Sainsbury's and Tesco. Sainsbury's is close to St Peter’s and extremely convenient for annexe residents, in the Westgate Shopping Centre (follow New Inn Hall Street south to Bonn Square – Westgate Shopping Centre is opposite). For those in East Oxford, there is a Tesco on Cowley Road. If you are fortunate enough to have a car with you in Oxford, then your options are far greater and you can get to the superstores. On the ring road you have Sainsbury's in the south (Ifley), Tesco in the east (Blackbird Leys) and a Sainsbury's in the north (Kidlington). Also you'll find a Co-Op and a Marks & Spencer in Summertown. Central Oxford is not particularly cheap for food shopping (although the gourmets amongst you will be pleased with the deli selections in the Covered Market). This has meant that graduates usually find, in term time, that college meals are cheap, convenient, and a good way of meeting up with fellow MCR members.

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