Mail / Post at St Peter's College
While you are St. Peter's you will have a ‘pigeon’ hole in the porters' lodge where you will receive internal (University wide) and external mail.
{you can see what we mean in the picture below} The porters very kindly distribute the post as it arrives each day, keeping safe any larger packages & parcels behind the counter for you to collect.
The address is:
St. Peter’s College
New Inn Hall Street

Your bills (known as ‘battels’ in Oxford speak) will come to your pigeon hole once a term (payment is usually due at the end of 4th week). Of course, depending on your scholarship and funding, the bill varies, but it will generally include rent, if you are in College accommodation, any charges you have accumulated during term from the library and your Inner Sanctum and Chocolate Cupboard expenses from the MCR. Mail can also be sent to your place of residence.

We informally refer to the "Pidge"... and if you wish to send a letter or note to another member of the university at their college or faculty you will be able to do so free of charge via the "Pidge Post". Simply mark the name and location of the recipient clearly on the front of the envelope, e.g. Prof. Joe Bloggs, St Hugh's College, and hand this politely to one of the porters at the lodge. This post is collected daily and delivered by a couple of people on bicycles to all the University's departments. It will NOT deliver to home addresses, only official buildings and the postman has first refusal on all items- so don't be tempted to send your friends a birthday cake or copy of the OED. It's a service to help save money, time and the environment.

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