St Peter95% of the time, Oxford is a very safe city. Well, 99% of the time. Unless you’ve never lived in a city, there will be few surprises of the unpleasant variety. However, there are a few security risks of which you should be aware.

Do not leave your door unlockedFirst, student accommodation is sometimes a target for thieves.
Student houses are quite easy to recognise – normally the state of the garden and the number of bikes lying around. Short of taking up gardening, your best security response is to ensure that all outside doors are locked at all times and that windows are secured when no-one is home or everyone is in bed. It is also wise to keep the door to your room locked at all times.
St PeterSecond, although there is no reason to be paranoid, there are risks to your person when traveling around the city. During the daytime the biggest risk is from pickpockets. Be sure to keep your valuables safe and secure. There are also some strange people wandering around Oxford late at night. If you are walking around at this time, we suggest it is safer to travel with other friends or catch a taxi. The College Women’s Advisor takes a particular interest in personal security for women and in previous years has sold personal alarms. You can contact her at

Please report any security concerns you have. Even the smallest thing (for example, seeing suspicious people wandering around) may be important. Please contact:
• The Porters in College (they may refer you to someone else in College to make a report and may suggest you contact the Police) AND also
• A member of the MCR Committee. This is all very grave, but please, don’t have nightmares.
Call 999 for the POLICE / FIRE / AMBULANCE

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