If you have organised College accommodation, you will be assigned a room in Cambridge Terrace. None of the graduate rooms are spectacular: each has its advantages and drawbacks. If you have special needs that need accommodation or have issues with your room, please contact the Domestic Manager, Jean Wright

The Porters will be able to give you precise directions to Cambridge Terrace. You will have your own en suite private room. These rooms are for you and you only. They may not be sub-let etc. The rooms will be simply furnished – normally a desk, a chair, a bed, and some drawers and shelving. You will share a kitchen, which comes with basic pots and pans, dishes and utensils. Your new home will also have a washer and dryer for clothes (which you will need to buy a card for at the porter’s Lodge) as well as a vacuum cleaner, iron and other useful items. Bedding, in the form of a pillow, will be provided by the College. There are small
communal areas on each floor.
As for electronics, note that the
UK operates on 220 volts and uses different sockets from those in continental Europe and North America, so you will need a transformer and an adaptor. Of course, there are lots of places in Oxford to buy things such as hangers, towels, pillows, toiletries, cups, plates, etc. Your best bet is probably Boswells, which is on Broad Street, next to Waterstones (really near the college). Boswell’s carries pretty much everything you would want in a house. Telephones here also use different sockets from those in continental Europe and North America. Please note that fire regulations are strict in the UK and the Dean and his officers are taking fire related infractions extremely seriously. This means no smoking, no lighting of candles/incense etc in College accommodation.
College houses are serviced by cleaning staff (known in Oxford as scouts’). Scouts will empty your bin and clean the kitchen and bathroom on a regular basis. Even so, it is your responsibility to keep the common areas clean. This includes washing the dishes you use etc. In Cambridge Terrace your scouts are Val & Edna, at St. George's Gate your scout is Kemal.

Cambridge Terrrace

To get to Cambridge Terrace is a five minute walk form St Peters. You come out of the lodge, turn right, cross straight over Queen Street and continue down St Ebbes. After passing LA Fitness on the right as the road goes downhill. There is then a road to the left and you come to Cambridge Terrace. There are no purpose built bicycle storage facilities at Cambridge Terrace, the only option being to lock them outside on the road or leave them at St Peters, five
minutes away. This is a building that has been converted for the accommodation of students several years ago and is hence fairly modern.
It comprises first, second and third floors, each housing 12 students. The rooms again vary in size and each has en suite facilities (a shower (which is a bit weak), basin and toilet). The rooms are in a fairly good state of repair, though in some cases there are some scuffs to the walls and a bit of condensation permanently between the double glazing. Some of the window frames are a bit past their best.
There are very small kitchenettes on both the first and third floors that have cooking points, a kettle,
toaster, fridge and sink. These are okay for snacks and small meals. There is a far larger kitchen on the second floor with good cooking and storage facilities. It and the other two kitchens are in the process or being reequipped with new equipment so that they should be nice and new for the start of term.
There is also a decent sized
common room on the second floor that abuts onto the kitchen. Again there are Ethernet points in every room for internet access. Cambridge Terrace has no gardens, no bike storage and the sound proofing between rooms is . . . well, you’ll know your neighbors very well . . . but this often is the case with student accommodation. A couple of the rooms also have interconnecting doors that are locked, but nevertheless a little strange to see when you arrive. On the plus side it is modern, central and the cooking facilities should be good by the time you arrive.

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